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Dr Chris Seebregts is an honorary associate professor in the School of Computer Science at the University of KwaZulu-Natal and a lecturer on the MPH (Medical Informatics) program at the University of South Africa.  He is Executive Director and founder-member of Jembi and also a Senior Technology Manager in Biomedical Informatics within the e-Health Research and Innovation Platform at the South African Medical Research Council.


He has postgraduate degrees in medical biochemistry, computer science and software engineering and has worked both in the public and private sectors in biomedical and informatics research, information technology management and software development.  He is part of the leadership of the OpenMRS consortium and Principal Investigator on a number of grants from international donors including the Open Architectures, Standards and Information Systems project for healthcare in developing countries.  His main areas of interest are the design and development of health information systems, open enterprise eHealth architecture, biomedical informatics, and HIV/AIDS treatment failure.